Questions & Answers

Q. Which pubs and whiskeys are included on the tour?

A. We will visit 4 pubs in the area around Trinity College selected for their selection of whiskeys and friendly / welcoming atmosphere. Whiskeys to be sampled include The Palace Bar 4th Estate, The Irishman Founders Reserve, Knappogue Castle 12-year-old single malt and Teeling Small Batch.

Q. How long is the tour?

A. The tour proceeds at a relaxed pace of 2.5 hours to walk a total of about a mile or 1.5 km

Q. What should we wear?

A. Dress code is casual. Dublin’s weather commonly includes sun, clouds and rain – all in the same day. We recommend bringing a light rain jacket. We’ll also have umbrellas available.

Q. Is there a minimum age for the tour?

A. You must be 18 years of age or older to join the tour. In Ireland the legal age for alcohol consumption is 18 and you should bring a valid ID if you are under the age of 25.

Q. How much whiskey will we consume?

A. The tour includes four 25ml measures of whiskey or roughly the equivalent of two drinks. We encourage responsible consumption. You may choose to purchase a "chaser" on your own. However, anyone who in our judgment is impaired may be refused service and asked to leave the tour.

Q. My spouse/partner/friend wants to come but doesn't want to drink whiskey. Is that ok?

A. We welcome non-whiskey drinkers on the tour at the regular tour price though it may be necessary to limit the number based on the group size.

Q. Is smoking permitted?

A. Smoking is not allowed inside the pubs so you can light up either outside or during the walks between pubs.

Q. What's your cancellation policy?

A. You can receive a full refund of your reservation cost if you cancel up to two days before the tour date. Cancellations received less than two days before your tour date cannot be refunded.

Q. Is tipping allowed?

A. Tipping your tour guide is welcome at your discretion. Tipping is not expected for bartenders in Ireland.