Tour info

Tour Information

The Pubs

Dublin Pubs were often visited by writers such as James Joyce and Samuel Beckett. Even today these Pubs are a place of conversation and ‘craic’ (the Irish word for fun) flow freely and are the focal point. Distractions like Juke Boxes and Gambling machines are rarely seen.

We have a list of 6 quintessential Dublin Pub from which we will visit 4. These Pubs have been carefully selected for character, history, and to exemplify the tradition of The Dublin Pub and are located between the River Liffey and St Stephens Green.

The Whiskies

In each Pub we will sample an Irish Whiskey. The whiskies have also been carefully selected by Michael and his team to showcase Irish Whiskey from the smaller, less conspicuous Whiskey companies. 

Our Tastings

We have 3 public tastings on offer, each one different, each one featuring 5 whiskies that are the very best in their class. 

Friday afternoons in The Whiskey Palace. Saturdays afternoons in Bowes Pub. 5 Great Mid range Whiskeys, showcasing Single malts, The Uniquely Irish ‘Pot Still’ whiskeys, and Single Grain whiskies. 

Sunday Mulligans Poolbeg St. This tasting taking place in the historic Mulligans, in a room featured in James Joyce “Dubliners” we will be tasting the very best and exclusive Irish Whiskeys from Teeling, Midleton.

The Talk

We will be discussing the age old argument of what if anything to add to your whiskey. Michael will be explaining the “The Seven Steps To Heaven”, The Differences between Irish Whiskey, Scottish and American Whisky and We will touch on Persian Alchemists, Scottish Monks & Irish Customs Men. The Tour lasts between 2 and 2 1/2 hours depending how many are on the tour.