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Discover the spirit of Ireland with Irish Whiskey Tours

Tours - The Whiskey Trail

Join us on The Whiskey Trail for one our regular scheduled tours:

  • The Whiskey Trail "Experience" - 2pm Daily
  • The Whiskey Trail "Experience" - 6pm Sunday - Thursday.

Private Tours - Meet the Experts.

If you would like a Private tour why not book an Exclusive Whiskey Tastings. Design your own bespoke whiskey experience with one of our event experts. We would recommend our bespoke option when you are looking to put an event together that is truly unique. We can source rare and hard to find whiskeys and amazing venues for your bespoke event.

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Bus Tours - Explore the taste and flavours of Ireland.

Ireland is famous not only for its spectacular scenery and friendly locals, but for its super high quality whiskies and a whiskey tour of the country is a fabulous way to discover them. Irish whiskey, also known as Uisce Beatha (Gaelic for “water of life”, a term coined by early Irish monks), has been produced since the 7th century and at the height of its popularity in the 18th century there were over 1.000 distilleries on the island. This fizzled down to less than 25 legal distilleries over the next century. But that has all changed these days there is a revolution and whiskey is on the rise once again. Discover the oldest surviving whiskey distillery in the world- Bushmills and some of the newest like Teeling's, Dingle and Dublin Liberties. 

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