Michael Lawlor
Founder / Main Tour Guide

Irish Whiskey Tours was established in 2014 by Michael Lawlor.

Before he set up Irish Whiskey Tours, Michael worked for The Celtic Whiskey Shop on Dawson Street in Dublin's City Centre.

While working in Ireland's premier whiskey shop, Michael took pride in enhancing people's experience with whiskey. Whether the task was to make whiskey more accessible to a novice, to excite the palate of an experienced connoisseur or to help a non whiskey drinker select the perfect bottle for the whiskey lover in their life, the goal was the same - to educate the taste buds and to enlighten the mind. 

When he was not serving the public on Dawson Street, Michael instilled his passion for whiskey on to others by educating and training staff in hotels, restaurants and pubs all over Ireland. His knowledge of Scottish, American and Japanese produce was required for these duties as well as his expertise of Irish whiskey.

Michael has held masterclasses for trade conferences, company social clubs and multinational staff associations and he has led tours to Irish and Scottish distilleries. 

Michael also initiated the successful monthly Celtic Whiskey Shop Tastings.